So Long Seattle Sonics

Well, it wasn’t surprising, here we are in Seattle without the Sonics. The City of Seattle just couldn’t come through and Clay really wanted to move to Okie.

I liked the team, and I won’t root for them in OKC, but I would like to see Durant do well. I think Portland is my new team, with Greg Oden, Brandon Roy and Spain’s Fernandez (watch him play for Spain in the Olympics), as a guard to relieve Brandon from bringing up the ball, they look good.

Stay tuned.


Olympic Team Announced

I was really surprised at the Olympic team: Coach K went small, defensive, and with sharp shooters. I read somewhere that Russia and Lithuania will be big, but he is playing the quickness card in the faster and shorter International game.

I am excited to watch this team which is something I believe Coach K can bring.

Coach K is practicing in the International style and I believe will be ready this time, not like in Athens where the US thinks it should get the gold just by showing up.

There is just one member I am concerned about: yes Jason. Can he be the PG that CP3 is when he is on the bench??? Stats say Coach K chose a good team, but how about “the things that don’t show up in the box score” ? That’s where, CP3, Deron, LeBron, Tayshaun and Kobe take their team on their shoulders and come through.

U – S – A !!!!

Celtics did it

I was surprised it was such a blowout in Game 6, and that Kobe saved Game 5 with a wrap-around (defensive?) steal, but not that the Celtics won the series in less than seven. How about Ray? Some say he was MVP because of his consistent play, but remember how Paul won Game 4, all the grit and a big come back, 38 points, and the series-winning game (no team has ever came back from 3-1).

Next, how about Kobe? The Celtics used the “San Antonio Gambit”  by not letting him get to the line, and it worked. ESPN/ABC’s Van Gundy also pointed out how the Celts’ defense was sooooo much better than the Lakers’ and as everyone knows, championships begin there.

OK, now the season is over, I’m going to watch the women play, now. I am looking forward to the draft to see who Seattle/Oklahoma City drafts. The Western Conference gets even tougher next year: Oden will play in Portland and Bynam will be back for the Lakers, I’ll be surprised if any of them lead the league in defense like the Celts did all year, otherwise, the Celts can repeat.

Paul Has No Peers

WOW, I hope you didn’t turn off the game when the Lakers (Lackers?) went up by 24 in the first half. I hung in there, believing. I have mentioned before that I hate the Lakers more than I like the Celtics, so it was so nice to see that LA could lose at their house with a healthy Kobe and Odom. Especially after they had a comfy (so they thought) lead, just like the Celtics did in game 2.

I was really impressed with Posey and Ray Allen. Rondo was replaced by House and except for 2 three’s he looked like a liability since the Lakers knew he can’t dribble, but he came through. Talk about liability, how about Vujacic trying to stop Ray as he blew past him? BTW, did anyone ever see Vujacic drive for a layup or pull up for a ten footer? I think all he does is shoot three’s.

Well, no team has ever come back from 3-1. But after two big 20+ point comebacks in four games, who knows?????


This is a ‘seed’ post to help get the Kollej Korner started. It is the off-season and the draft is coming up soon, and those who declared but hedged their bets by not securing agents will be the most interesting personalities to watch. Beasley and Rose are probable #1 & 2, but ESPN has OJ Mayo and Bayless 3 & 4 (Seattle’s pick). I think Mayo could use one more year, and I didn’t see Love or Hibbert in the first ten, Love must need another year and Hibbert should be pulled in by a Western Conference team to battle Shaq, Tim, Dirk, Greg, well, you get the idea….


The Perfect(?) Storm

I like the tag line, they are near-perfect at a current 5-1. They are in the top three (LA, Detroit) elite teams in the league statistically. I am looking forward to seeing them play this year. Swin, Sue, Lauren and Sheryl really ought to fare very well this year. And they are off to their best start!

Sue is on the US Olympic team and another ex-Conn (Swin) could also make it. 

The clouds are looking ominous!


Re-Peat Meet

Well, it took over 20 years, but its baaaaaack! Lakers vs Celtics. I can’t wait. And I must, until Thursday. Even though Boston has Home Court “advantage”, Lakers are likely to win it all, so the Celts need all the help they can get. The Big Three are the BT again, but Kobe is Kobe and Boston can use the San Antonio gambit (no foul shots) on him, but what about Odom and Gasol? Perkins is good, but not good enough. The two Celtic wins over the Lakers were before Gasol (hey, remember a guy named Bymun?).

Hopefully Boston stays in it and makes it a great series, just like they used to be. And not that I’m a Celtic fan as much as a Lakah Hatah, so we don’t need Coach Jackson getting anymore Three-Peat ideas…..